Testimonials from Real Players

Dave Lugg (Pontiac, MI) “PBJ is the last course that I will ever purchase. Ron, Thank You for teaching me the skills to finally play at a professional level. Sincerely, PBJ is the only instruction available to turn a beginner and experienced player into a professional.  The course is great. I can’t say enough  about it. Since I purchased PBJ  I have played BJ as a side business, working Windsor in Canada, the Michigan Reservations and the Chicago area lake boats. I’m playing 2 to 5 times a week now and so far have  won 23 times out of 24 outings” 

T. Mahoney (PA) “Precision Blackjack covers it all. Having an advanced background with TARGET, NBJ and World Class Blackjack, I found that Precision Blackjack really filled in major gaps.  Everything is blended together and you don’t need an advanced background. The player learns every move that is suppose to be made. Precision BlackJack is the lowest risk level method available that still exploits games and gets the money. This is what every serious player needs!” 

Kenny Forbes (Las Vegas, NV) Pro Player and Instructor with the Jerry Patterson Blackjack School ” I’ve been involved with many  Blackjack systems. All systems will work some of the time, but I’ve seen no system that works all of the time. That is … TIll NOW.  Precision Blackjack addresses the reality of the game and provides  the player with all the skills, knowledge and insight that is necessary  to become a polished player. I have played with many professional players and systems designers. I must admit that I have played with the author of Precision Blackjack on many occasions and we have  never suffered a losing trip. As an experienced Player and Instructor I  urge the serious player to get involved with Precision Blackjack.” 

P. Renfrow (TX) “The manual is excellent. I have complete confidence in the system. As long as I keep control and abide by the  table departure rules, I manage to experience winning trips . I have  won (7) out of my last (8) trips. If you don’t play it by the book you will  lose in the long run. The card tracking techniques have enhanced my winnings and saved me a lot of money during double downs and  splits. The betting techniques are extremely low risk. I highly  recommend the method to anyone.” 

Wes Victors (IL) “PBJ is, by far, the most complete package of Blackjack info available. If anyone plays this game they have to see the viability of the method. Just the information involving double – downs and splits are worth the cost of the course.” 

Dr. M. Gorden (MN) “I really like the course. There is nothing on the market to compare! PBJ is the most comprehensive casino Blackjack system available and covers all facets of the game.  Thank You for the private Blackjack lessons. I strongly recommend the course.” 

J. Penshorn (TX) “Precision BlackJack is the best thing going! I have Target and NBJ and find Precision BlackJack to be a superior methodology. It’s easy to read and apply. The method teaches real good card flow reading. I highly recommend the course” 

Joe Luisi (Carlisle, PA) ” I am well pleased with Precision Blackjack.  On my first trip to Vegas, I got the cost of the course back and  doubled my take along bankroll. The strict table departure rules,  betting methods and the card reading skills, surely, have enhanced my level of play. ” 

Tony G. (pro) (NY) “I have purchased many blackjack courses. Precision Blackjack is the best. The book is simple and gets to the core. It illustrates excellent money management concepts and crystallizes NBJ. I have had very good success with Precision Blackjack and highly recommend it.” 

B. Perry (MI) “Precision BlackJack is a straight – no hype method that addresses the real world of Casino BlackJack. I’ve been involved  with several advanced methods. Precision BlackJack is the best! It’s  the only method that is workable and easy to use. I am very pleased. By following the rules of the method, I manage to achieve winning  trips and hold my losses to a minimum. Precision BlackJack has filled in blank spots and strengthened the NBJ and WCB concepts. I sincerely recommend this product to all BlackJack players.” 

B. Durand (NY) “I reviewed the course for three months. The author is to be complimented for his work. As a TARGET/NBJ/WCB player, Precision BlackJack certainly adds to my BlackJack reference material. I would suggest to anyone who is serious about BlackJack,  either as a professional or one who just wishes to be more competitive, to add Precision BlackJack to their arsenal of weapons.   The course is specifically helpful to the lower stakes player who will find the betting methods useful. Also, the NBJ player who does not  yet employ some of the TARGET methods will find that section on  game selection valuable. I will recommend and discuss this approach with anyone.” 

E. Miller (MN) “Precision BlackJack is really nice. The method lives up to it’s expectations.  As a result of the method, especially the card  flow reading, my win rates have gone way up. I also teach BlackJack and have shared your information with my students. Since then their win rates have also climbed.” 

R. Fitch (CA) Pro player , director of Casino Gaming and Software  Systems and developer of the “Boris on Blackjack” casino simulator.” Based on 15 + years as a pro player and 20 + years in the computer software business, I have encountered different allegedly winning Blackjack systems. I find PRECISION BLACKJACK  to be one of the most comprehensive Blackjack systems available anywhere and clearly the easiest for beginning players to assimilate. PBJ is a winner. If you are only a red chip player, PBJ is a bargain, even at twice the price. Green and Black chip players can easily win back the price of the manual in ONE playing session. In this world, you get what you pay for. $12.95 systems deliver about that in performance. PBJ delivers performance equal to many times it’s selling price. THE WAY I PLAY IS PBJ.” 

W. Bentley (TX) “I’ve played a lot of Blackjack and purchased many systems. The material contained in the PBJ course will fulfill the needs of every Blackjack player.”

S. Erwin (WI) “Precision Blackjack makes sense. The approach is honest and helpful. I’ve had very good success utilizing the table selection criteria coupled with the advanced card play techniques.”

Don Ehling (KA) “The course is great. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  I never see the need for purchasing another method. You have covered it all. You surely are a very street wise player and I appreciate all the valuable information that you have shared.. I’ve even taken your strict money management tactics and successfully applied them to my futures trading. Thanks again, I’ll be recommending PBJ to my associates.” 

Loren Miyake (San Gabriel, CA) “I am very excited to share my appreciation of PBJ with you. Thank you for creating a system as comprehensive and sensible as PBJ. I like what I see very much. I was very pleased to see that much of my “common sense” play is very close to what you describe in PBJ. The elements PBJ has added to my game that I find most useful are the utilization of the (3) chip method for evaluating the shoe, the breakdown of the game types and the use of limited negative progression betting as an answer to the choppy game (this may be PBJ’s greatest asset).  PBJ is my savior. It can really work it’s magic… During my last Vegas trip, the dealer was making some outrageous hands, but it was clear she could not beat me three times in a row. The mild negative progression mode allowed me to keep my head above water until the cards started falling my way… and they did, long enough for me to grind out a $190 win upon a table departure signal. Without PBJ, I would have ended up dead broke.” 

Brian Zelignic (Calgary, Alberta Canada) “PBJ gets the best of all worlds. I can’t say enough about it. Everything is blended into a full rounded approach. I’m experiencing good success with PBJ and feel very confident in the method. This has to be the best Blackjack  product available. I have a background in Target and NBJ.  PBJ  perfectly combines those techniques into the ultimate blend. Thanks  for sharing your knowledge with me.” 

C. Lessie (PA) “The Precision BlackJack course is great! I was getting disgusted with the game until Precision BlackJack came along. Now I can comfortably use all the tools that Precision BlackJack has to offer. I’ve learned how to limit my losses in bad games and assure myself  wins in good games that eventually break down. This Blackjack system is a  must for the serious players! ” 

M. Luterman (Jenkintown, PA) “I’ve been involved with gambling strategies for a long time. PBJ works so well that I decided to get involved in marketing this product. PBJ contains rock solid Blackjack  information!” 

Dr. David ( PA) “Everything in the manual comes alive in the A.C. casinos!” 

Frankie B. (IL) “I used your methods last night for my weekly visit to the boats. Well, I sat down and it was rather funny. Basic was working in the beginning and then it changed for the dealer. It was crazy.  Everyone started getting whacked, except me, as I used your advanced card play tricks to adjust to the change. I made about 70% of my doubles and splits. My girlfriend was pulling 20’s and 21’s from 10’s and 11’s when she ‘should have’ been doubling. Instead, she would pull 2 or 3 cards and got a good hand. Had she doubled, she would have gotten a bad hand. I also experimented with upping my bet foreseeing a 10 coming out next for me since I was sitting at first  base. I won a bit more than half of those too. That was the first time I really paid attention to clumping and also attempting to apply it. You  are right, it works more than it doesn’t.  And that’s the bottom line.  This is powerful stuff !!”   Thanks Ron, Frankie B

Harry Grundstien (Orangeburg, NY) “If I can find one item that will help me I will be that much ahead in BJ. By the way my last trip to AC was  very successful. As far as your manual I think you’ve gotten inside my mind. I agree with you on all your ideas on how to play BJ. If I  would have written a manual it would have been almost identical to your manual. My ideas are the same as yours. It’s to bad that the card counters and the plunger players can’t understand what’s happening  in the casinos. The computer BJ players want verification through the computer about the way you and I play and don’t understand it’s the years of experience and understanding the casino mentality”. 

E. Clifton Davis World renowned blackjack player and instructor. Author of NBJ and WCB “Ron a great job of putting it all together.

Keith Smith Author of Blackjack 101 and E. Clifton Davis’s playing partner.  “Ron I can’t say enough about PBJ.  I think it’s a must have for every serious player.”

C. Lyle ( Alpharetta, GA) a new PBJ student says, “First off I love the course. It paid for itself in 2 hours last weekend in Tunica. It is the first new methodology I have seen in years. I’ve gotten so tired of everyone else pawning off 30 year old strategy as new.” 


Learn to Play Blackjack with Our Course

Learn to play blackjack like the pros. Find out how so many players have enhanced their game with our comprehensive blackjack learning materials.

Dr. M Gorden (MN ) " There is nothing on the market to compare! PBJ is the most comprehensive casino Blacklack system available and covers all facets of the game. Thank You for the private Blackjack lessons.  I strongly recommend the course."


  • Casino Blackjack money management
  • Table scouting factors
  • Table selection / departure rules
  • To recognize "hot zones" in a Blackjack shoe
  • Advanced card play tactics
  • Blackjack Betting tactics designed for "streaky" and the common "choppy" type games 
  • How to switch betting schemes to address swings in the shoe
  • A unique advantage and betting strategy for the 1st base position
  • How to count cards and learn a break-through card counting strategy
  • Blackjack Spot Betting
  • Fine points of playing Blackjack head to head with the dealer 
  • Blackjack Partner and team play tactics
  • Lock wins/stop losses
  • How to play Blackjack Professionally as a business
  • And much more.  

Developing Winning Strategies

 When you want to learn to play blackjack, it is vital to first learn the fundamental strategies that govern gameplay. With the help of Precision Blackjack, we will teach you these fundamentals of “Basic Strategy” before moving onto more complex solutions to turn the table to your favor. Typically the odds are always in support of the dealer; however, with the benefit of our knowledge, you will learn how to play these odds to give you an edge. These are the same techniques used by professional players to enhance their game.

What Sets Us Apart

When learning how to play blackjack professionally, it is important to have a guide that is easy to understand and written with real-world situations in mind. And, with our training course, that is precisely what you receive. We have built our course using statistical outcomes and data to develop an optimized strategy.

Additionally, our training system has been built by actual players. This means that everything we teach has been tested by us in high-level play and can be used to elevate your own game to the world-class level. So when you need comprehensive blackjack learning materials to improve your game.  Trust our system to help you reach your playing goals.

Contact us to learn more about our blackjack training program and to start your journey to playing like a pro today. We proudly serve customers throughout the United States.

Joe Phillips (NY)  "Over the years I've purchased countless casino blackjack systems , card counting systems  and various gambling strategies .  Precision Blackjack is the only system that addresses the real world of casino Blackjack. PBJ teaches the player how to play Blackjack and advance into a professional world class level of play."

 C. Lessie (PA) "The Precision BlackJack course is great! I was getting disgusted with the game until Precision BlackJack came along. Now I can comfortably use all the tools that Precision BlackJack has to offer. I've learned how to limit my losses in bad games and assure myself  wins in good games that eventually break down. This Blackjack system is a must for the serious player."