Ordering Precision Blackjack

                                                                     Course Package Includes:

Precision Blackjack Manual - A Blackjack College Of Knowledge loaded with money management ,advanced card play, advanced betting tactics and much more ...

Precision Blackjack Training Videos - A 3 hr hands on training video on private youtube.

+ a link to our Stand Alone "First Base Strategy."

PBJ II Card Counter's Edition - High tech strategy combines advanced card play and advanced count betting. Designed to address the counter's negative swings and problems experienced in today's multi - deck games.

The cost of this comprehensive bundled package is $149.00 US

Upon receipt of your on-line PayPal / credit card payment you will be emailed 2 attachments containing the 2 manuals and the url link to access the private youtube training video and First Base Strategy. Please fill out and submit the contact submission form after your purchase to ensure that your order is properly sent to your email address.