Blackjack Training



Money management
Table scouting factors
Table selection / departure 
To recognize "hot zones"
Advanced card play tactics
Betting tactics designed for the "streaky" and the common "choppy" type games 
How to switch betting schemes to address swings in the shoe
A unique advantage and bet enhancement strategy for the 1st base position
A card counting enhancement
Spot Betting
Fine points of head to head play with the dealer 
Partner and team play tactics
Lock wins/stop losses
How to play Blackjack as a business
And much more . . .

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Developing Winning Strategies

When you want to learn to play blackjack, it is vital to first learn the fundamental strategies that govern gameplay. With the help of Precision Blackjack, we will teach you these fundamentals of “Basic Strategy” before moving onto more complex solutions to turn the table to your favor. Typically the odds are always in support of the dealer; however, with the benefit of our knowledge, you will learn how to play these odds to give you an edge. These are the same techniques used by professional players to enhance their game.

What Sets Us Apart

When learning how to play blackjack professionally, it is important to have a guide that is easy to understand and written with real-world situations in mind. And, with our training course, that is precisely what you receive. We have built our course using statistical outcomes and data to develop an optimized strategy.

Additionally, our training system has been built by actual players. This means that everything we teach has been tested by us in high-level play and can be used to elevate your own game to the world-class level. So when you need comprehensive blackjack learning materials to improve your game trust our system to help you reach your playing goals.

Contact us to learn more about our blackjack training program and to start your journey to playing like a pro today. We proudly serve customers throughout the United States.

Welcome to Precision BlackjackFinally A Complete -  Advanced Blackjack Methodology For The Serious Player. Painstakingly developed through years of casino play by real PLAYERS, not book writers, system hucksters or computer programmers.  Learn the secrets that real professional players understand and turn the casino tactic of "like - card clumping" against the house.  The Course will provide you with all the tools and insight needed to become a polished player. The advanced card play and betting tactics detailed in this Comprehensive Home Study Blackjack Course will elevate your play to World Class Level !      Play Professional Blackjack As a Business.

Dr. M Gorden (MN) "There is nothing on the market to compare! PBJ is the most comprehensive material available and covers all facets of the game. I strongly recommend the course."